Methane Mitigation Technology to Achieve Emission Reduction Goals 

ZEVAC is a product and technology company named after our pioneering and patented Zero Emission Vacuum and Compressor units. "ZEVAC®" is an OEM line of portable gas and liquid cross-compression equipment easily integrated into operations and maintenance plans as a safe, reliable, and scalable alternative to natural gas venting and NGL flaring. 

Recognized as the industry's most versatile gas/liquid capture and recovery technology, ZEVAC equipment's wide range of applications helps the operators that fuel our world and the service contractors supporting them overcome the risk, cost, and compliance challenges of their responsible operating requirements.

Simple to Scale

ZEVAC equipment is easy to use, quiet, compact, and portable. Integrating ZEVAC into routine maintenance activities is a simple way to address the high-frequency, low-magnitude venting and emissions escape happening every day.

Quick to Implement

ZEVAC sells and rents equipment to operators and members of our ZEVAC Service Contractor Network (ZSN), allowing zero emissions standards to become part of every company’s operations and maintenance plans and contract requirements–creating a quick and achievable path to compliance goals.

100% Gas to Liquid

ZEVAC equipment is better than traditional cross-compression because it can capture and recover 100% clean and dry natural gas and any mixture up to 100% liquid content! ZEVAC is not only safer and more reliable, but also more versatile due to the wide range of user-friendly applications this capability creates.

Built-In Safety

Separate and isolated gas and air systems, with a double block and bleed seal mechanism, prevent any chance of mixture, and there is zero chance of catastrophic failure due to liquids ingestion with ZEVAC. Other safety features include multiple forms of overpressure protection, auto discharge pressure balance, and high- and low-pressure auto shut-offs. These features make ZEVAC the safest cross-compression solution available.

100% Pneumatic

ZEVAC equipment is 100% mechanical and pneumatically-driven – any compressed air source can power the ZEVAC. The more air it receives, the more quickly the job is completed. ZEVAC can also be used in series for even faster results. Using air as power allows ZEVAC to be 100% free of onboard electronics, making it Class 1, Div.1 compliant, and also allowing it to achieve zero psig and even pull a vacuum for situations like commissioning new pipelines.

Backed by Training

Because ZEVAC knows pipeline operators are regulated under the requirements of 49 CFR Parts 192 (Transportation of Natural and Other Gas by Pipeline) and 195 (Transportation of Hazardous Liquids by Pipeline), we created an OEM Certified Training Program (CTP) and Operator Qualification (OQ) guidelines focused on teaching the specific knowledge, skill, and ability needed to operate and maintain a ZEVAC unit in a compliant and safe manner.

In 2021, we were able to capture enough methane to power almost five homes for an entire year. I think the ZEVAC will become part of what we do every day; to capture as much methane emissions as possible for every job – not just the larger jobs, but the smaller jobs as well.
Angel Ruiz
Field Operations Planner
Con Edison
Angel Ruiz photo
The ZEVAC allows us to actually capture our gas and keep it in our pipelines, which is equivalent to about 750 thousand miles of a car driven. So, if you think about the emissions of a vehicle that drives 750 thousand miles, that’s what we’re saving today by not emitting the natural gas to the…
Brandon Aycock
Manager, Engineering Projects Team
Dominion Energy
Brandon Aycock photo
The ZEVAC fits into BGE’s “Path to Clean” initiative, which has a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030. The second major benefit of the ZEVAC is safety. By using the ZEVAC, we are reducing the risk of ignition in the area where our BGE crewmembers are working.
Joe Reynolds
Senior Engineer
Baltimore Gas & Electric
Joe Reynolds photo

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Efficiently managing gas-driven process controllers is a significant challenge in today's industrial landscape, especially under stringent OOOOb/c regulations and in locations with limited electricity access. ZEVAC is stepping forward with an innovative solution to address these challenges head-on…


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