With premium versatility to tackle the broadest range of applications, the ZEVAC QUAD G4 (4th Generation) has built-in multi-pressure capability, with the ability to change pressure differential settings on the fly, from low to medium to high and then high+ (for 100% liquids). 

Like all ZEVAC equipment, the QUAD is 100% mechanically driven with no onboard electronics, making it Class I, Div.1 compliant and the safest emissions reduction equipment available for live gas operations. 

Still portable enough to be transported on a flatbed or trailer, the QUAD is the ultimate combination of form, fit, and function.

QUAD (G4) Specifications

Limited Standard Warranty 1-year; parts and labor
Noise Suppression Silencer <85 dB (included
Gas Pressure Range 0-1480 psig
Over-pressure Cut-off Set Range 150-1480 psig
Under-pressure Cut-off Set Range 2-50 psig
Typical Air Compressor 375-750 cfm
Standard Operating Temperature Range -10° to 250° fahrenheit
Weight 3350 lb
Dimensions (L x W x H): 58.5" X 41" X 72"
Typical Deployment Flatbed; trailer