Operators & Service Providers

Balancing the demands of shareholders who want profits and a step change in responsible operation at the same time can be challenging for today’s oil and gas operators. That’s why ZEVAC has developed multiple equipment models and supports various paths to enterprise adoption. 

Some operators want to own equipment and keep ZEVAC integrated into their O&M plans. Others don’t currently have the budget for large equipment package purchases but have short compliance timelines. So, they have chosen a Standards-Based Approach which includes pushing emissions-free maintenance and project work requirements to their contractors by building them into their RFPs and contracts. 

Still, other operators find it makes the most sense to include a combination of owned activity for specific routine scopes and using trained and compliant contractors for expanded scopes and projects. ZEVAC works with operators and their contractors to find the right compliance solution for every situation.


Our OEM Certified Training Program (CTP) provides quick instruction to your team, making them field-ready to operate ZEVAC equipment safely. Our Operator Qualification (OQ) guidelines support operators and the subsequent training requirements incorporated into company OQ and O&M programs. 


ZEVAC’s Worry-Free Service & Repair (WFSR) program keeps your ZEVAC equipment at maximum utilization and protects against unexpected and unbudgeted impacts to operating expenses. Contact your closest ZEVAC service center to schedule service or order replacement parts for your ZEVAC MINI LP and/or MINI HP.


Local contractors with certified training to operate ZEVAC equipment can help reduce response time and logistics costs. The ZEVAC Service Contractor Network (ZSN) is growing daily. If you don’t see your preferred contractor listed, encourage them to become part of our network!


Contractors who use ZEVAC equipment have advantages over their competitors by making their maintenance services safer, differentiating their service offerings, and ultimately winning more work by helping their customers achieve their compliance goals in a timely manner.

We are isolating a section of the pipeline, and we still have that gas that is in that isolated section. The ZEVAC solves that problem. This equipment allows us to safely pull that gas and keep it in the system. 
Brad Steber
CenterPoint Energy
Brad Steber
The ZEVAC fits into BGE’s “Path to Clean” initiative, which has a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030. The second major benefit of the ZEVAC is safety. By using the ZEVAC, we are reducing the risk of ignition in the area where our BGE crewmembers are working.
Joe Reynolds
Senior Engineer
Baltimore Gas & Electric
Joe Reynolds photo
ZEVAC allows us to avoid emissions, and avoid the release of natural gas into the atmosphere. 
Ken Washington
Engineer 2, Mid-Tex Division
Atmos Energy
Ken Washington