Contractors responsible for building new or modifying existing pipelines are required to hydrostatically test, de-water, dry, and then gauge the pipeline section under construction before it can be tied into the preceding and succeeding sections and ultimately turned over to the operator. The optimal methodology for supporting hydro test, de-water, dry, and gauge pig operation is using a set of fully rated launchers and receivers.

Once operational, pipeline operators will routinely pig their pipelines to optimize flow and maintain system integrity. ZEVAC's Whole Hog Launchers and Receivers are the perfect solution where permanent pig traps may not exist or where existing permanent traps are unsuitable for the types of pigs the operator would like to run.

Additionally, all pipelines eventually experience degradation in flow as compressor oils, particulates, and construction debris find their way into the system over time. Since a pipeline is a "cash register," it must always flow optimally to generate the most return on invested capital to the owner/operator. Mechanical cleaning and Chemical cleaning operations are used to maintain optimal flow. Whole Hog separators capture liquid/debris slugs during chemical cleaning operations. Whole Hog Filter/Separators filter particulates from a gas stream and manage small liquid slugs that may be pigged out of the pipeline in a cleaning operation.

Our Brown Iron line of temporary pipeline equipment is available for short- and long-term rental for pipeline inspection, remediation, and modification projects. ZEVAC's Whole Hog line of rental equipment comes complete with MTRs and data books, providing the operator assurance of material traceability and fitness for duty.

The Brown Iron fleets includes:

Pig launchers and receivers, (In-Line Inspection (ILI) Traps)

Hammer Union Pipe Kits

  • Heavy-duty, high-pressure flow line connectors
  • 2” & 4” Fig206

Separators (600#)

  • Separates gaseous and liquid components
  • 30”, 36”, 48”, & 54”

Filters (600#)

  • Removes large solid impurities so that the machinery and equipment (including compressors, pumps, etc.) and instruments can work and operate normally, to stabilize the process and ensure safe operation
  • 24” - 7-cartridge 
  • 36” - 19-cartridge

Download the Whole Hog Traps Infographic

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