Portable and powerful. The ZEVAC TWIN G4 (4th Generation) is a favorite of operators and contractors involved in wet gas pigging operations. The TWIN fits in the bed of a pickup truck, packs the power needed to draw down medium-sized applications quickly, and like all ZEVAC equipment, can recover and capture any mixture of product from 100% gas to 100% liquid. 

Low-pressure and high-pressure versions are available at different price points to meet your unique application needs. 


Limited Standard Warranty 1-year; parts and labor 1-year; parts and labor
Noise Suppression Silencer < 85 dB (included) < 85 dB (included)
Gas Pressure Range 0-600 psig 0-1480 psig
Over-pressure Cut-off Set Range 150-1480 psig 150-1480 psig
Under-pressure Cut-off Set Range 2-50 psig 2-50 psig
Typical Air Compressor 185-375 cfm 185-375 cfm
Standard Operating Temperature Range -10° to 250° fahrenheit -10° to 250° fahrenheit
Weight 1850 lb 1850 lb
Dimensions (L x W x H) 58.5" X 41" X 46" 58.5" X 41" X 46"
Typical Deployment Bed of truck; trailer Bed of truck; trailer