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The methane mitigation challenges of natural gas operators and contractors don't come in a "one-size fits all" package. We understand the difference between distribution gas, midstream, and upstream operations. Therefore, ZEVAC® (Zero Emission Vacuum and Compressor) equipment is tailored to meet the unique combinations of size, speed, pressure, portability, and price needed to maximize performance and efficiency across all market segments.

Our users testify to our products' ease of use and ability to deploy across a wide range of recovery applications safely and quickly, from 100% gas to 100% liquid contents and anywhere in between. ZEVAC equipment is the safest and most scalable methane mitigation equipment available and the fastest solution to creating an achievable path to net-zero compliance goals and company emissions reduction commitments.

ZEVAC equipment is available in a variety of options, including rent; purchase; and a lease-to-own program. While ZEVAC field service is available through any of our ZEVAC Service Contractor Network (ZSN) members or directly in cases of emergency or when no contractors are available.

ZD3 Closed-Vent System Technology


One ZD3 closed-vent system eliminates emissions from rod packings, unit blowdowns, exhaust from gas pneumatic actuators, filter unit blowdowns, pig trap blowdowns, and more. 


One ZD3 MRS closed-vent system can efficiently manage all vented gases originating from valve operators within an entire station, irrespective of their quantity or dimensions.

How It Works

ZEVAC moves gas/liquids through cross-compression, from one pressurized system to another, through a set of intake and discharge hose connections. Trapped gas/liquids or contents, which would normally be vented or escape during repairs, are drawn into the ZEVAC and transferred into a nearby operational piping system or containment, resulting in zero emissions escaping into the atmosphere.

The ZEVAC is powered pneumatically by connecting a compressed air source (generally an air compressor) to its air intake location. Any compressed air source can power the ZEVAC; the more air it receives, the faster the job gets done. 

The ZEVAC is a positive displacement linear compressor. This means there is no spinning crankshaft or rotating drivetrain, which affords the ZEVAC equipment unique functionality and advantages, such as the capability to capture and recover product contents from 100% dry gas; to any percentage of wet gas mixtures; and even up to 100% liquid service.


Dynamic Pressure Match

Dynamic Pressure Match

We take your service conditions as they are. Without the need to regulate gas pressure into the ZEVAC, we maximize the speed of the gas transfer. Automatically adjusting the ZEVAC discharge pressure to match your system's operating pressure remove the risk of regulator failure and over-pressurization. Together, these features make up the Dynamic Pressure Match. 



Talk To A Technical Advisor

ZEVAC equipment has been part of numerous operator plans to reduce risk and enhance environmental stewardship while simultaneously lowering the total cost of operations because it is scalable, easy to use, and quick to implement. This is one of the key drivers of ZEVAC routinely being cited as a critical net-zero plan component in sustainability reports of major oil and gas operators. Many of which are drawn to us because ZEVAC has been acknowledged as a viable methane mitigation technology by State Regulators, the EPA, and PHMSA. Let’s talk about how we can help you meet your net-zero commitments.