TPE Midstream Evolves to ZEVAC

July 5 2022

TPE Midstream (TPE), an Original Equipment Manufacturer, continues to be a pioneer in methane mitigation solutions for meeting net-zero compliance challenges. As their products and services have evolved to meet customer and industry demands since 2014, the vision and direction of TPE continue to become refined and focused. 

To represent the company’s vision, leadership is working to align brand efforts and create a clear verbal and visual identity. They announce today that TPE will be officially known as ZEVAC—named after the company’s cornerstone Zero Emission Vacuum and Compressor products. 

“We are very proud of the strong foundation created under the TPE Midstream brand, which made the success of ZEVAC® possible. Since then, the versatility and reliability of ZEVAC® have been proven, which has grown our customer base exponentially,” explains ZEVAC’s CEO, Chad Murray. “It became increasingly apparent that ZEVAC is the trusted name that customers have come to know us by.”

Current TPE customers can have confidence knowing ZEVAC continues to offer their legacy temporary pipeline equipment rental services known as Brown Iron products. 

“Our foundational identity remains unchanged. We continue to have the same team of dedicated people, the same core values that define our high expectations, and the same commitment to creating solutions for the extraordinary challenges facing gas operators as they strive to work in increasingly responsible ways,” assures Murray.

ZEVAC is committed to staying at the forefront of gas/liquid technologies while meeting the ever-changing demands of the oil and gas industry. The company’s vision is to be recognized by operators as the preferred methane mitigation solution. Due to their patented fleet of equipment and its wide range of applications, compliance is made easier. As gas operators incorporate zero-emission requirements into their contractors’ routine maintenance activities, ZEVAC provides the equipment and training to help them scale. 

“In order to satisfy demand, we are adding capacity for equipment production. We are also launching the ZEVAC Contractor Service Network (ZSN) so that nationwide contractors can grow their businesses by integrating ZEVAC into their portfolio of services and operators can trust that the people working on their assets have been through the ZEVAC certified training program and are using ZEVAC’s OEM equipment,” explains Murray. 

“Knowing who we are, what our purpose is, and how we can be the most effective in support of not only gas operators but also their service contractors, allows the ZEVAC team to simply focus on our mission of reducing risk by providing safe, reliable, and cost-effective alternatives to natural gas venting and flaring.” 

Based in Tulsa, OK, ZEVAC is a product and technology company recognized as the leader in methane mitigation equipment and applications.