ZEVAC: A Veriforce approved Covered Task for Operator Qualification (OQ)

April 21 2023
ZEVAC: A Veriforce approved Covered Task for Operator Qualification (OQ)

ZEVAC, an industry leader in cross-compression and methane mitigation services, is proud to announce its recent acceptance as an approved Operator Qualification (OQ) task by Veriforce’s Operator led Common Covered Task Committee (CCTC). This marks a significant milestone for ZEVAC as the first cross-compressor to receive this recognition.

As part of their ongoing commitment to standardization and safety of live gas operations, ZEVAC has developed a Certified Training Program (CTP) to provide a manufacturer’s operation and maintenance training option, as well as guidelines for Operator Qualification for operators choosing to incorporate ZEVAC as a covered task. The CTP is available through their partner, ASTAR, Inc., the largest provider of Operator Qualification Evaluations in the nation and a leader in safety training and regulatory consulting for PHMSA rules. 

ZEVAC’s CTP training includes pre- and post-use inspections, connection(s), startup, purging, operations, shut down, disconnect, and field-level user maintenance/troubleshooting. This training is designed to help operators and contractors meet the requirements of 49 CFR Part(s) 192 and 195, which regulate the transportation of natural and other gas, as well as hazardous liquids, by pipeline.

While the CTP is not a requirement to operate a ZEVAC unit, it does provide a manufacturer-based, structured training that is focused on teaching employees or contractors the specific knowledge and skill needed to operate a ZEVAC unit safely. The CTP also offers a more consistent and standardized approach to ZEVAC/cross-compression services.

If you are an operator or contractor with your own ZEVAC qualification in place which meets your requirements, there is no further need to adopt the CTP; however, for operators who wish to make ZEVAC a qualified task, the CTP option makes contractor adoption easier and more cost-effective for all parties. 

ZEVAC understands that pipeline operators have training requirements they must incorporate into their OQ and O&M programs. Their partnership with ASTAR and the OQ inclusion of Veriforce allows them to provide operators and their contractors with the necessary training and certification to demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and ability to operate and maintain a ZEVAC unit.

ASTAR is available to assist users with what is required and the steps to transition to the new covered task training and testing requirements.

ZEVAC is proud of this achievement and looks forward to continuing to provide the highest standard of cross-compression technology and training to its customers. If you are a contractor and the operator you provide ZEVAC services for requires the CTP, then you should contact ASTAR for training and program development assistance, as needed.

“We at ZEVAC are honored to be recognized by Veriforce’s operator-led CCTC by their recent acknowledgement that ZEVAC meets the 4-Part test requirements and their adoption of ZEVAC as a common covered task. We believe that standardization by industry leaders like Veriforce, ultimately contributes to a safer and more reliable natural gas infrastructure.” – Chad Murray, CEO of ZEVAC

Interested in signing up for our CTP classes? Visit the ASTAR website to schedule your class today.