ZEVAC is a product and technology company. We are the industry pioneer in gas and liquid recovery technology and the recognized leader in methane mitigation applications. The reliability of our proven and patented equipment makes us the most trusted product provider for the operators that fuel our world and the service contractors supporting them.


Employee in Hard Hat

Our Mission

To reduce risk by providing safe, reliable, and cost-effective alternatives to natural gas venting and flaring.

Our Vision

To continue to be the pioneer of gas/liquid recovery technologies and be recognized by operators as the preferred methane mitigation solution because our equipment, and its wide range of applications, simply make compliance easier.

Our Core Values

Every equipment solution we provide is ensured to be of the highest quality and accounts, at every step, for the safety of our customers, their service contractors, and our environment.

We are empowered to make decisions in the best combined interests of our employees, our customers, and their operating environments; while maintaining accountability for the outcomes of our actions.

We are fueled by a desire to continuously improve through questioning what others won’t, then learning and sharing when others don’t.

We are driven to find solutions to the extraordinary challenges that plague our customers, who are striving to accomplish their work in increasingly responsible ways.

Our personal and professional growth is based on the fundamental position that we must trust each other and ensure that our customers can trust us, and the technology we provide.


Open Positions

The Shipping/Receiving Clerk will handle all aspects of shipping and receiving functions of part inventory and new product shipping. They will also be expected to perform all the functions of shipping & receiving per our defined procedures.

Corporate objective: Facilitate the manufacturing, service delivery and ongoing maintenance of our current and future lines of ZEVAC® portable gas recompression products.

Everyday I’m surrounded by a team that inspires me. We’re changing the world! My job is a canvas where creativity thrives, challenges are conquered, and growth is limitless. Making a difference in people's lives fulfills my purpose. Each day with ZEVAC is an opportunity to learn, innovate, and…
Chris Glover
ZEVAC Employee